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Installation--Professional and Fast
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Subfloor and surface
Leave the planks to acclimatize for 48 hours depending on the local temperature and air humidity; The ideal room temperature is approx. 22° and the ideal air humidity approx. 55%. Clean and smoothen the subfloor, remove any grease; install the damp-proof layer; check the laminate planks for any damage.
Step 3: The first row
Step 4: Completing the floor
Place a plank in the corner, with the tongue side turned towards the wall. Roll the front edge of the second plank into the first plank by using the tongue in groove method and continue until the first row is ready. Remember that an 8 to 10 mm expansion should be foreseen between the first row and the wall.
Roll the laminate plank against the previous row and push it downwards.
Roll the short side of the next laminate plank into the previous plank and press down against the groove of the previous row.
1. Carefully lift the laminate plank, together with the previous plank in the same row, to an angle of 30°. 2. Press it against the previous row. 3. Once the planks are properly joined, they can be pushed downwards.
Step 5: The final row
Step 6: Enjoy the floor
Once again, make sure there is an 8 to 10 mm expansion joint. Take the joint into account when measuring and sawing the planks of the final row lengthwise. You just have to wait 24 hours after its installation for enjoying your new flooring.

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