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Advantages of JadeMask:
Double Anti-damp--Super Steady
Suitable for Underfloor Heating--Reliable and Warm
JadeMask laminate flooring, adopting advanced waterproof edge technology and HDF with special anti-damp function, provides double anti-damp insurance for floor and keeps the floor super stability and never distort.
JadeMask has developed exquisite underfloor heating series, thickness of the floor as 8.3mm, very easy to conduct heat to the floor's surface. There are scientific inflation spaces designed in the safety click system and it is difficult for the floor after heating to be distorted.

High Quality of JadeMask:
Beautiful Appearance
High Wear-resistant
Abundant Patterns
Excellent Value
Environmental Protection Easy to Clean
Cigarette Butts-resistant Firm Appearance and Accurate Installation
Fade-resistant Reliable Quality

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