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New Concept Combined Skirting Boards:
 JadeMask new concept combined skirting board completely changes the traditional notion of the PVC sparkling skirting boards regarding installation by "base fastener+panel". It is a newly skirting pattern combining two separated parts together, which greatly help workers in the installation work. This series of products presently have two specifications: NCP70 and NCP80, models different but the ides of fixing the same. For the traditional PVC skirting board's fixing, workers first have to make marks and then fix base fasteners to the wall base, then they may set in the skirting board. Now, the marks no longer be needed, neither the base fastener needed, the workers only need to learn the underside part of the skirting boards against the wall and press it on the nails, then all the process will be finished when the upper packed together. It's very convenient. We have applied national patent for such skirtings.

Length: 240cm
Installation Method:
First step: Press the under part of the skirting against the wall and the floor firmly and punch.
Second step: Insert the expansion tube into the hole and screw down the screws.
Third step: Fix the upside part into the grooves and press tightly.
Fouth step: When installing the outer corners or inner corners, parallelly slip one end of the skirting into the outer corner or inner corner. The other end up side part is short but under part longer, which is convenient for stagger-jointed with other parts.

Installation Process:
First Step
Second Step
Third Step
Fouth Step

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