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New Concept Multi-functional Plastic-aluminium Profiles:
 1. This Series product(AP series) is a newly innovated patented product in the world and it is also a significant landmark to our company.
 2. AP series thoroughly change the traditional idea of the PVC profiles using the base fastener or smooth nails or glue sticking in installation. It implements the punched installation manner.
 3. For AP series, the base fasteners are abolished. On the surface there are grooves punched and special screws matched. When installing, the screws can be adjusted based on different thickness of the floor boards. Hence, AP series far exceed the traditional PVC profiles on terms of multifunction and universalization. It has become very exceptional good sales in the market. It's adaptable to the floor from thickness 8mm to 18mm.
 4. The inlay embedded in the grooves on AP series' surface are aluminum alloy inlay. After fixing, the inlay is 1-2mm higher than the profile surface. Therefore, it can properly protect and prevent the surface PVC veneer being frayed and the life of the profiles' use protracts.
 5. For AP series, screws are used in installation. Then, when floorboards need repair, the takedown work is very easy. Comparatively, the traditional PVC profiles are mainly base fasteners structure or glue sticking used when installing. It's troublesome. And many profiles are useless after takedown. So new ones have to replace the broken ones, which result in great waste.
 6. The hue of the AP series' surface is mainly wood veins, which can harmoniously match various design and various colors of floorboard. The embedded metal inlay on the surface of AP series owns bright color, mixing with the surface wood veins, looks charming and value highlighted. So this series are greatly favored by customers. We have applied national patent for such profiles.

Length: 90cm/180cm/270cm
General Transition Profile
General Motion Profile
General End Profile
General Stair Profile

For-Floors 1-18mm
For-Floors 1-18mm
For-Floors 8-18mm
For-Floors 8-18mm
For-Floors 8-18mm

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