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What is the range of your products?
So far, we manufacture various kinds of bamboo flooring, strand woven bamboo flooring, engineered flooring, combined bamboo flooring, bamboo veneer, bamboo paneling, laminated flooring and flooring accessories. To better meet your needs, we can also source other flooring and accessories for you if it is appropriate to do so.
What's the lead time for delivery?
With an annual output of 800,000 M2, we ensure you a prompt delivery of the goods. We do not stock any of the goods. The production cycle time of 1*20FCL is 2-3 weeks.
How many layers does your laminated flooring have?
There are 4 layers that our laminated flooring based on, which are :
1. Wear layer avoids wear and tear.
2. Original decorative layer with various colour.
3. Environmental protecting high-density layer of high standard.
4. Water-proof balancing layer keeps the board smooth.
Can JadeMask accept the cooperation way of OEM?
Upon receipt of formal authorization, we can accept OEM processing.
What are the international commodity codes for these products?
HS Code of bamboo flooring: 4409211090, HS Code of laminated flooring 8mm: 44111319, HS Code of laminated flooring 12mm: 44111419, HS Code of laminated flooring 8.3mm HDF=High Density Fireboard: 4411929000, HS Code of strand woven bamboo flooring: 4418900090, HS Code of engineered bamboo flooring: 4409211090
What is your minimum quantity of your products?
The price we will quote you is based on 1*20FCL. In order to help the clients to start market, the quantity of the first several orders can be required by the clients and at most for 4 different designs. But we will re-quote you accordingly.
What is the applications for your products?
The applications of our products : resident, office, hotel, wall decor panel, vents, ceilings, sauna and so on.
How many product lines does JadeMask have?
At present, we have 9 product lines -- 8 for laminated flooring, 1 for bamboo flooring. Furthermore we can improve the annual manufacturing capability by the clients' requirement at any time.
Can JadeMask offer free samples?
We understand that some clients wish to view samples of our flooring products before they purchase. According to our sample policy, samples are free of charge on condition that clients pay the courier fee. Our policy is used to control our cost, because we want to make our sincere clients get the most competitive price. We think you can see it from our competitive prices.

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